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More Images: Galaxy Gathering Brings Warmth
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Chandra X-ray & Optical Images of NGC 6338
Using Chandra, XMM-Newton, the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope, and the Apache Point Observatory, a team of astronomers has studied two galaxy groups that are smashing into each other at a remarkable speed of about 4 million miles per hour. This system, known as NGC 6338, could represent the most violent collision yet seen between two galaxy groups. The images include X-ray data from Chandra that shows hot gas with temperatures upward of about 20 million degrees Celsius, as well as cooler gas detected with Chandra and XMM-Newton that also emits X-rays. Also included is an optical image from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
Credit: X-ray: Chandra: NASA/CXC/SAO/E. O'Sullivan; XMM: ESA/XMM/E. O'Sullivan; Optical: SDSS

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