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More Images of 47 Tucanae
Chandra Pull-Out Of Ground-Based Image
This composite image shows the scale of the Chandra image of 47 Tucanae in comparison to ground-based, optical observations.
(Credit: Optical: ESO/Danish 1.54-m/W. Keel et al., X-ray: NASA/CfA/J. Grindlay et al.)

Scale: Optical: Image is 6.6 x 8 arcmin.

HST Image of 47 Tucanae
This picture, taken with the Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2, depicts the stars’ natural colors in 47 Tucanae. For example, the red stars denote bright red giants at the end of their lives, while the common yellow stars are similar to our middle-aged Sun. The Chandra image falls in a region seen in the upper-left corner of this HST image.
(Credit: NASA/STScI/R.Gilliland et al.)

Scale: Image is 2 x 2.7 arcmin.

Chandra Full-Field Image
This image shows the entire field-of-view for the Chandra observations of 47 Tucanae. There are over 100 X-ray sources in this field, over ten times the amount detected by previous X-ray satellites.
(Credit: NASA/CfA/J.Grindlay et al.)

Scale: Image is 2 arcmin per side.

Chandra Zoom
This image focuses on the central region of the full-field Chandra image and displays the incredible density of X-ray emitting sources in a very small region.
(Credit: NASA/CfA/J.Grindlay et al. )

Scale: Image is 0.6 arcmin per side.

47 Tuc Composite with Chandra and Hubble Data
This composite image shows the Chandra X-ray image of 47 Tucanae in relation to the Hubble view of the globular cluster's core.
(Credit: X-ray: NASA/CfA/J. Grindlay et al., Optical: NASA/STScI/R. Gilliland et al.)

Chandra X-ray Image with Scale Bar

Scale bar = 20 arcsec
(Credit: NASA/CfA/J.Grindlay et al.)

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