Meet Me (Well, the AAS) in St. Louis

This week, the American Astronomical Society (AAS) holds its biannual meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. The AAS is the largest professional organization in North America and their meetings are intended to give scientists a chance to share their latest results through talks and poster sessions. This will be the 212th meeting and you can find out what's being talked about by looking here:

The St. Louis meeting is a bit unusual because it's also a joint venture with another big professional astronomy organization: the Astronomy Society of the Pacific (ASP). The ASP started in northern California in the late 1880s but its reach extends beyond the West Coast today. The ASP is very involved with all types of astronomy outreach and education. During this week, their main focus will be hosting many talks on events for the upcoming International Year of Astronomy in 2009 (IYA2009), such as the "From Earth to the Universe" world-wide image exhibition project.

The Universe Trailer
IYA2009 From Earth to the Universe Trailer (27 May 2008)
Watch and download the trailer from this link.

Chandra, of course, will be involved in both the scientific talks of the AAS meeting and the IYA2009 talks during the ASP symposium. Look for a new image from Chandra (and a couple of other telescopes) on the website that will be first released here in St. Louis.


-Megan Watzke, CXC

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