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Chandra in Second Life

The Island
The map which shows how the island
was set up so that the layout was
mimicking a spiral galaxy.

In Second Life, you can find Chandra X-ray Observatory images as free textures on the islands. Textures are packaged so that the bundle contains a Notecard with the Fair Use, limitations, and original source information. Near the free textures, informational displays on multiwavelength astronomy and telescope specific information (like Chandra's "X-ray Astronomy 101") are presented.

You will also find Chandra images on the Astronomy 2009 island as part of the "From Earth to the Universe" (FETTU) section of the Universe Portal. In the Universe Portal images of galaxies and globular star clusters swirl out of a murky flotsam and jetsam pool of molecule soup. Avatars click a swirling cube to see the full image and caption of the FETTU image.

Explore this fun new Second Life world with Chandra.

Get started in Second Life:
Second Life Quick start guide:

Cas A in the FETTU section
Cas A in the FETTU section.
Chandra textures available
Chandra textures available.

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