Chandra X-ray Observatory

Break the Code!

Answer the questions, using the locations in the grid above to put them in code.
Example: Science = (6,5) (4,4) (7,6) (4,6) (1,2) (4,4) (4,6)

  1. What is your name in code?

  2. This X-ray observatory is named after a famous astrophysicist.

  3. We call ours the Milky Way.

  4. This was the 1st Space Shuttle commanded by a woman, mission STS-93.

  5. The study of the stars.

  6. Chandra detects these to observe space.

  7. When a star explodes it is called this.

  8. Nothing can escape the pull of this object, not even light.

  9. The US government organization that directs space missions.

  10. A ball of gas, such as our Sun.