Going Back to School

This week marks the return to school for most kids (if they haven't been there for a week or more already). The post-Labor Day week got us thinking about school and education as it relates to Chandra and X-ray astrophysics.

Solar System

Over the years, we've gotten questions submitted to the website that ask about what types of things should people study to become an astronomer like this one:

We've also posed this question from the other angle – asking scientists and other people who work with Chandra about how they got interested in their careers and what steps they took to get there:

And, of course, we are actively involved with formal education through our wide range of programs and projects that help students and teachers of a variety of ages involved Chandra and its science into classrooms:

So matter if you are taking your kindergartener to their first day, prepping your classroom for a new group of students, or getting ready for a new college semester, we join you in celebrating the start of another school year.

-Megan Watzke, CXC

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