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Abell 1033

Abell 1033
A collision of two galaxy clusters located about 1.6 billion light years from Earth.
RGG 118

RGG 118
The smallest supermassive black hole ever detected in the center of a galaxy.
PSR B1259-63

PSR B1259-63
A binary system with a pulsar and massive star in orbit around each other

A black hole ejects part of the accreted matter in the form of energetic radiation.
NGC 1333

NGC 1333
A young star cluster about 780 light years from Earth.
Circinus X-1

Circinus X-1
A system with a neutron star in orbit with a massive star about 30,700 light years from Earth.
NGC 5813

NGC 5813
A group of galaxies located about 105 million light years from Earth.
BR 0331-1622

BR 0331-1622
Extremely tiny bubbles and irregularities in space-time predicted by certain theories.
BR 0353-3820

BR 0353-3820
Extremely tiny bubbles and irregularities in space-time predicted by certain theories.
BR 0418-5723

BR 0418-5723
Extremely tiny bubbles and irregularities in space-time predicted by certain theories.
BR 0424-2209

BR 0424-2209
Extremely tiny bubbles and irregularities in space-time predicted by certain theories.
PSS 0747+4434

PSS 0747+4434
Extremely tiny bubbles and irregularities in space-time predicted by certain theories.
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Latest Updates
Calendar 2015
Printable 2015 Chandra Calendar
Print your own 2015 Chandra calendar with spectacular images from the past year.
Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad Astronomy Webinar
Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science education, increasing interest in science for all students.
Chandra Google+
Chandra on Google+
Visit us on Google+ and contribute to our ongoing conversation about the work we do.
Space Scoop
Chandra for Kids
In cooperation with Space Scoop: Bringing news from across the Universe to children all around the world. Universe Awareness and the Chandra X-ray Observatory.
Chemistry and the Universe
The familiar periodic table of elements has been adapted to show how astronomers see the chemical Universe.
Supernova Remnants
Investigating Supernova Remnants
An activity that uses Chandra data to investigate several supernova remnants to determine if the supernova was a Type II core collapse or a Type Ia thermonuclear event.
Sight Lines
Sight Lines
This online exhibition explores the research processes used by art conservators and astrophysicists, featuring X-ray images of the cosmos from NASA's orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory and X-ray images of modern paintings from the Harvard Art Museum.
The Galactic Center
The Galactic Center
A panoramic X-ray view, covering a 900 by 400 light year swath, shows that the center of the Galaxy is a teeming and tumultuous place.
Space Math @ NASA
Space Math @ NASA
Space Math @ NASA introduces students to the use of mathematics in today's scientific discoveries.
Telescopes & Light
Telescopes & Light
Astronomers have built telescopes and detectors that can see far beyond the type of radiation we can detect with the human eye.
Animations & Video in High Definition
Animations in high definition viewable on your computer or television.
Images With Multiwavelength Feature
Explore these interactive images by turning on and off the different kinds of light incorporated into the composite.
First Decade
Chandra's First Decade of Discovery
In 1999, the most powerful X-ray telescope ever made began its exploration of the hot Universe. Explore the highlights of the Universe with Chandra.
Wonders Within
Constellations : Wonders Within
This series of posters represents some of the most dramatic images made by combining data from the best of modern telescopes.
Erth to Heavens
From the Earth to the Heavens
A side by side comparison of images of Earth by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and images taken by Chandra.
3D Wall
View Chandra Images in 3D Wall
Scroll through the entire library of released Chandra images in a quick-downloading 3d wall format with the Cooliris plug-in for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers.
X-ray 101
X-ray Images 101
Chandra 101 provides information about topics pertaining to the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. Many sections contain links to more detailed information.
Invisible Sky
Touch the Invisible Sky
Multi-wavelength astronomy - the study of the universe at wavelengths beyond the visible, has revolutionized our understanding and appreciation of the cosmos.
Print Gallery
Bringing Chandra to you
These high resolution Chandra images may be printed on your home printer, from an online photo web site, or at an in-store photo station.
Chandra Highlight
Tour of Abell 1033
Chandra Podcasts
Tour of Abell 1033

Now you can take Chandra anywhere, be it school, work or play. Just download Chandra Podcasts to your portable MP3 player and go.
Chandra Blog
A Carnival of Space Visits the Chandra BlogWelcome to the latest installment of the Carnival of Space, a weekly round up of astronomy news co-hosted on various space science...
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